Type 1700 Maxiflow Safety Valve

The 1700 Maxiflow high-pressure safety valve is a premium product that is installed on a majority of power generating stations worldwide to help protect boilers from overpressure conditions.

Type 2700 Safety Valve

The type 2700 safety valve is configured to meet the specific requirements of the congeneration and waste-to-energy markets.

Type 3500 Electromatic Ball Valves

The type 3500 electromatic ball valves offers automatic or manual overpressure protection for steam boiler systems, and can also be used to assist start-up and shut-down venting. The new enhanced design includes a superior coating and manufacturing process that enhances leak free performance, and improves reliability and increases valve life.

Type 1511 Safety Valve

The type 1511 safety valve is configured for low pressure, steam heating boilers and steam generators as well as air service applcations.

Type 1811 Safety Valve

The type 1811 safety valve is a cost-effective, high-capacity, flanged-steek safety valve for steam service.

Type 1541-3, 1543-3 Safety Valve

The type 1541 and 1543 safety valves are configured for steam and other compressible fluids. Compression media limited to non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive service. These valves are most commonly used in pharmaceutical and process plants

Type 2478 Safety Valve

The type 2478 pressure relief valve features an enclosed design for non-corrosive, thermal relief and liquid service applications.

Type 1900 Safety Relief Valve

The highly adoptable type 1900 safety relief valve meets numerous application requirements.

Type 1900-UM Safety Relief Valve

The type 1900-UM valve is capable of flowing liquid, gas or steam with no adjustment required to switch between different media with the same set pressure.

Type 19000 Safety Relief Valve

The type 19000 valve is ASME and PED certified. It meets and exceeds API seat tightness performance. The 19000 offers enhanced capacity and blowdown performance on many media types. In most cases, it does not require parts changes to accommodate different media.

Type 1982 Safety Relief Valve

The type 1982 safety relief valve is a preferred choice for OEM and skid manufacturers requiring high-relief capacity from a small valve. The 1982 offers superior seat tightness and blowdown performance for most media applications.

Type 1900/P Safety Relief Valve

The type 1900/P safety relief valve is designed to be high adaptable to meet numerous application requirements.

Type 2900-40 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

The type 2900-40 pilot-operated safety relief valve offers exceptional performance and meets demanding ASME Section I Economizer and Boiler Applications

Type 2900 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

The type 2900 pilot-operated safety relief valve combines the advantages of two products into one--the 1900 safety relief valve and the 3900 POSRV. The 2900 POSRV can replace spring-loaded relief valves without requiring modified outlet piping.

Type 3900 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

The type 3900 pilot-operated safety relief valve is a non-flowing design available in a modulating or pop-action pilot. The 3900 POSRV is suitable for the overpressure protection of many pressurized systems and vessels in the chemical, petrochemical, paper mill, oil and gas production and transmission industries.

Type 4900 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

The type 4900 pilot-operated safety relief valve is a tubeless valve for oil and gas production and the offshore industry.