Type 1700 Maxiflow Safety Valve

The 1700 Maxiflow high-pressure safety valve is a premium product that is installed on a majority of power generating stations worldwide to help protect boilers from overpressure conditions.

Type 2700 Safety Valve

The type 2700 safety valve is configured to meet the specific requirements of the congeneration and waste-to-energy markets.

Type 3500 Electromatic Ball Valves

The type 3500 electromatic ball valves offers automatic or manual overpressure protection for steam boiler systems, and can also be used to assist start-up and shut-down venting. The new enhanced design includes a superior coating and manufacturing process that enhances leak free performance, and improves reliability and increases valve life.

Type 1511 Safety Valve

The type 1511 safety valve is configured for low pressure, steam heating boilers and steam generators as well as air service applcations.

Type 1811 Safety Valve

The type 1811 safety valve is a cost-effective, high-capacity, flanged-steek safety valve for steam service.

Type 2478 Safety Valve

The type 2478 pressure relief valve features an enclosed design for non-corrosive, thermal relief and liquid service applications.