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Flexigraf by Pioneer

PIONEER INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s FLEXIGRAF® division proudly boasts a nationally distributed, comprehensive flexible graphite product line that includes rolls, sheet, tape, ribbon, die formed rings and cut gaskets. Flexigraf is designed to offer viable solutions to a large variety of fluid sealing problems. PIONEER’s proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing, combined with the natural properties of graphite, result in the most consistent and reliable products of this type in the world. FLEXIGRAF® creates and maintains superior sealing under the most rigorous of demands, as evidenced by its conformance to most military, nuclear and industrial specifications. PIONEER is committed to meeting the needs of the fluid sealing industry, and we are confident that FLEXIGRAF® flexible graphite products will continue to meet, and exceed, the dynamic needs of our Customers.


Spiral Wound, Heat Exchanger, Kammprofile and Ring Joint Gaskets, Bolting and Fasteners


Compressed Non Asbestos Gaskets, C4401 / Top Chem / Soft Chem / ML1 / Quantum


Expanded PTFE Gaskets, Sheet, Joint Sealant, Series Tape, Universal Pipe Gaskets

Holz Rubber Company, Inc.

Holz Rubber Company is the best choice for elastomer and metallic expansion joints. By combining our technical know-how, extensive industry experience, manufacturing capabilities, Holz specializes in building standard and custom expansion joints that not only meet your needs, but also help you gain efficiencies within your specific application.

  • Designed for standard, maximum, and ultra-high movement scenarios
  • Fully molded corners eliminate corner failures and the need for costly gaskets or heavy ductwork
  • High temperature designs available
  • Longer life than other products on the market

Orion Seals

Orion Seals

Seal RYT

Patented Bearing Technology providing Shaft Stabilization and Sealing Protection for Increased Rotating Equipment Reliability.